Hire me as your Design Consultant

Hello. I'm Paddy. Are you working on a product right now? No matter if it's still in the early stages or if you've already pushed your first beta out the door, you should have a design strategy.

I've worked with many companies to bring their digital products from an idea to reality. Design isn't just how something looks. It's the whole experience someone has with your product. How people perceive it, how they interact with it, how they feel about it.

I can help you with that.

What do I mean by consulting?

You're not hiring me to create the actual design for your product, but to consult with you on your design strategy. I can conduct UX and design reviews of your current product and deliver an analysis with recommendations on things to improve. Or if you're just starting out, I can participate in brainstorms and establish a way of working for your designers and developers in order to achieve the best results.

I can help you out if you're trying to improve the sign up flow in your app, make your existing users happier through gamification, optimise your portfolio, simplify complex UX flows or increase your brand awareness.

My role will be to fight for the user of your product. I'll be keeping your business goals in mind, but ultimately I will be making recommendations from a user's point of view. After working on a project for a while you may find it hard to see the wood for the trees, so having an outside opinion on your product is vital as you develop it.

What you'll get

My consultancy will be tailored to the specific needs of your project, but it may include:

My work

Over the last 10 years I've worked for many clients as an illustrator, a creative director and a UX designer for websites, desktop apps, mobile apps and games.

I've highlighted a few of my projects below, but make sure to check out my full portfolio.

Who I've worked with

Foursquare, dConstruct, Perch, Mobile Vikings, Sony, SpaceInch, Brewbot, Orange, Telenet, Mobistar, Rackspace, Ray Wenderlich, Tapadoo, Minicorp, Smule, Ink Monster, Sanoma, Binpress, Deutsche Bank, Tito, Funconf, Studio 100, VRT.

Working with Paddy is a pleasure! He's been great at guiding our visual direction, working closely with us on new concepts and improving our user experience.

Courtney Christopher, Design Lead, Swarm by Foursquare

Paddy is a fantastically talented visual designer with a flare for illustration. He’s also a thoroughly nice person and an absolute delight to work with. So why are you still reading this? Go hire him now!

Andy Budd, Founder & Managing Director, Clearleft

About me

I'm a freelance illustrator and UX Designer at Lefft, originally from Ireland and now based in Belgium. I design for print, iOS & the web and I have a range of iOS apps for kids, Wee Taps. I also co-host a podcast on creating a career doing what you love called Working Out.

Let's work together

If you'd like to work with me, email me on paddy@lefft.com and let's chat about how we can improve your product.